Herbs and Tea

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Toronja, Cascara de toronja, pomelo cascara, Grapefruit rind, grapefruit peel

Grapefruit is a decongestant, it helps to relieve cold and flu ailments.

Rosa canina, Rosa Silvestre, rosal salvaje : Rosehips, rose hips, seedless rose hips

Canine rose, wild rose, or wild roses source of several essential nutrients

Sauce, Sauce Blanco, sauce plateado, sauce mexicano : White willow, salix alba, mexican willow

In their healing properties they are antipyretic, antirheumatic, anticoagulant, astringent and detoxifying.

Cuatecomate, bola de Cirian, Tecomate, Morro, Coatecomate, Huage Cirian

Cuatecomate stands out for treating symptoms related to the respiratory system such as bronchitis and asthma.

Alamo Blanco, Populus alba, chopo blanco : White Alamo, White poplar, silver poplar, silverleaf

Alamo is used to fighting colds, chronic diseases of the chest and lungs.

Tepozan, Buddleja americana, teposan, Buddleja cordata, Palo de zorro prieto, tepozán grande, Tepozan hierba

Flavonoids and iridoids are active substances that help fight cancer among other diseases

Basella Alba, Malabar, Espinaca malabar, Alba hierba Te, Tea vine spinach

Malabar Spinach Malabar is an edible climbing plant also known as Chinese Spinach, Indian Spinach. Basella Alba, Asian wonder to gain muscle mass and health

Rhatany Root, Krameria L, Peruvian Rhatany, rhatany Herbs tea, ratania

Rhatany is used for intestinal swelling (enteritis) and chest pain (angina). 

Olmo Rojo, Olmo resbaladizo : slippery elm bark powder, Ulmus rubra

The Red Elm has active elements, mucilages, starch and tannins. Its medicinal application is beneficial to treat digestive, urinary and respiratory problems.

Hojas de Granada, Pomegrante : Pomegranate, Promegranate leaf, PUnica granatum

Pomegranate is considered a super antioxidant because it contains tannins, polyphenols, and ellagic acid that also help prevent Alzheimer's.

Higuerilla, Palma Christi, higuerilla iguera infernal : Ricino, Castori oil plant

The castor is a plant that has many medicinal properties for human health, which uses its leaves and seeds or fruits



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